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The Program


If you want to include your new Mercedes-Benz in your own itinerary, consider this suggestion: Leave Saturday from your home city, arrive next morning in Stuttgart, Germany. Use a taxi voucher for your trip to the Hotel am Schlossgarten in the center of the city. Relax, have dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, and enjoy some excellent Swabian foods, beer or wine. Monday morning, after their generous breakfast buffet, check-out and use your second blue taxi voucher for your transfer to the factory Delivery Center in Sindelfingen. Upon arrival, a concierge will take your luggage and store it for you until later when you take delivery of your car.

The receptionist will now introduce you to a delivery specialist. After they prepared your documents, you'll have time to take the 2-hour Factory Tour at 10:30 a.m. or at 1:30 p.m. If you take the morning tour, you can have lunch in the restaurant afterwards; otherwise have lunch at about 11:30 a.m., then take the afternoon tour. Use the yellow 65 Euros voucher to pay for the lunch. Finally, the great moment has arrived, when your name is called and a delivery staff technician takes you to your shiny new Mercedes-Benz. When you're done drooling over it, he or she will explain all its features. Then, after the concierge puts your luggage in the trunk, you're ready to depart.

There are 11 drop-off locations around Europe,  where you can leave your car at the end of your vacation: Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Nice, Geneva, Zurich, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Bremerhaven. There is no extra charge for leaving your car at any of these locations, and their offices are open Monday through Friday, but closed on the weekends or holidays. In addition to these drop-off points, you may drop your car off in various cities in Europe for an extra charge, just ask. Dropping your car off at any of these locations is real easy. Make sure not to lose the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, the most important, almost irreplaceable document, it's your pink slip from Mercedes-Benz.

Please be aware that I am a salesman for Mercedes-Benz. Selling cars, and ordering them on the European Delivery Program is how I make my living! As an added service I help my customers with their trip planning and designing their travel itineraries free of charge. I am not the travel agent for customers who have ordered their new Mercedes-Benz from other dealers around the country!

However - if you did order your car from another dealer, and you need help with your travel itinerary, hotel, and train reservations, you can call me on my TRAVEL CONCIERGE number (760) 271 - 5611. We'll help you for a fee.