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Customized Tours

Traube Tonbach

I'll be happy to custom-design a special itinerary for you. The hotels I'll book for you are proven 5-star properties used for many years by Mercedes-Benz in connection with the European Delivery Program. A typical tour my clients do looks like this: leaving the Mercedes-Benz Delivery Center, you'll first visit the nearby Simovic Shipping Office to pre-check your car for the shipment back to the U.S. The preparation of the shipping documents will take about 20 minutes. Then, you'll be heading down the regular highway to Tonbach at the outskirts of the Black Forest, where you can stay at one of Europe's finest hotels, the Hotel Zur Traube Tonbach. The hotel is one of Germany's top 10 hotels, with excellent service and great food! And while there, cruise around the Black Forest and visit the world's largest cuckoo clock. (see photo below).


When leaving the next day, take a leisurely drive through the romantic Black Forest in the direction of Freiburg, a famous university city with a Gothic cathedral just like the one in my hometown, but taller. About 15 miles before you get there, you'll reach the idyllic village of Hinterzarten, and the Parkhotel Adler, a 5-star hotel that made the list of the "Leading Small Hotels of the World", located at the foot of the Adler ski jump. Along the way you'll pass all kinds of souvenir and cuckoo clock shops. The hotel has its own park, hotel2 a little zoo with deer and other friendly animals, as well as a pool in a greenhouse, that's accessible by an underground tunnel, as is the restaurant across the street. Believe it or not, the hotel has been around since 1446. Upon arrival you'll be offered a welcome cocktail and dinner vouchers for every night of your stay. A generous breakfast buffet is also included each day. It's truly a unique and lovely place to spend a vacation.

When leaving here, pay a visit to Freiburg, if you haven't already done so. Then continue on the main highway (33) to Triberg and in the direction of Singen and Konstanz. Follow the road to Staad, where the car-ferry departs for Meersburg, on the other side of Lake Constance (the Bodensee). Drive your car right onto the ferry, and the trip across takes only 15 minutes. Then follow the 33 to Friedrichshafen, home of the world-reknown "Zeppelin" and also the Dornier aircraft factory, completely destroyed by the Allies in WWII. Continue to Lindau at the end of Lake Constance and check-in to one of our newest Mercedes-Benz hotels, the Hotel Villino, a small deluxe spa-hotel with 15 double-rooms and 7 suites, an elegant restaurant with excellent service, owned and operated by the Fischer family. To stop there is simply a must! The bed, the shower, simply out of this world!

hotel 3

Your next destination is about 150 miles away, near Innsbruck, the capital of the state of Tirol in beautiful Austria. Prior to crossing into Austria, be sure to stop at a newspaper stand or gas-station to buy a "Vignette", a decal for your car's windshield. This sticker allows you to drive on the Austrian Autobahn and costs about 8 Euros. On the way to Innsbruck, you will be driving through various tunnels, the longest one being the Arlberg-Tunnel, requiring a toll-road fee of 8.50 Euros. The tunnel is just over twelve kilometers long. About ten miles before Innsbruck, take the Telfs-Ost Autobahn exit and follow the green road-signs to my all-time favorite hotel, the incredible and amazing Interalpen Hotel, about 3 km up the mountain. There are a few sharp curves in the road, so drive carefully - and don't look down if you have Hypsiephobia!

far view

Arriving at the Interalpen Hotel, you'll be driving into the bottom part of the hotel to park your new car. Once you enter, please don't turn around (!), because the garage looks like an elegant hotel lobby. The porter will help you with your luggage. The Interalpen Hotel sits on a mountain surrounded by higher mountains, so be sure to arrive before sunset. This is such a beautiful, unusual place that my clients always come back and complain, if I don't book them for two nights! So - you'll be staying here for two nights, and you'll enjoy the most generous breakfast buffet and a five-course dinner every day. This hotel is a Spa with a "Sauna-Dorf", (a Sauna Village) with all kinds of different saunas, and an indoor-outdoor swimming-pool, golf course nearby, wonderful hiking trails and plenty of mountains to climb all around you. You could spend a month here and never run out of things to do. There are also many typical Tyrolian villages nearby, for example Seefeld, with its own casino; just don't expect it to look like Las Vegas. Don't forget a visit to the capital, Innsbruck, with its famous "Goldenes Dachl" (the Golden Roof), in the pedestrian zone in the center of the city. There are many parking facilities available for visitors, just remember to feed the meter or park in one of the underground garages.


Your last stop will be Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Of all the metropolitan large cities in Germany, this is probably the most romantic one, and it's definitely the safest city in Germany, if you can believe the latest statistics. Your car's navigation system will take you to the elegant Hotel Bayerischer Hof.

The hotel is located on the Promenadenplatz in the city center, and within walking distance of many places you should see while in Munich. When arriving at the hotel, leave the key with the attendant. When checking in at the front desk, tell the Concierge to notify the local shipping agency to pick up the car at the hotel. If you plan to drop off your car in Munich, take all your belongings out of the car before it is shipped to the USA.

The hotel has various bars and restaurants you can visit for your dining pleasure. If you are more adventurous, I suggest you take a short walk to the Marienplatz. There, in the basement of the historical City Hall, is the "Ratskeller", a typical Weinstubel1 local restaurant, offering delicious Bavarian specialties like Bratwurst, pig's nuckles and a variety of succulent sausages with sauerkraut and dumplings. Everywhere you go is an abundance of shopping to do for the ladies. Finally, it's time to say good-bye, and after a wonderful breakfast (with a view of the city), you'll be heading to the Munich airport in your taxi.

All this for approximately $2,000? Yes - it is an amazing bargain! And remember, I am going to help you plan your itinerary from start to finish, that is, if you want my help. The above program can be changed any way you prefer, it's only a suggestion, what you can do, how you can do it, and for what cost.You can take a cruise through the Greek Islands or down the Rhine or Danube Rivers, then pick up your new Benz and start your tour. If you have ever wanted a flexible travel program, this is it. Best of all, your own Mercedes-Benz, not a rental car, will become a part of it!

Stop dreaming - and start planning!