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Customer Testimonials


There is nothing like a satisfied and happy customer. The "accolades" below are from actual clients who have purchased or leased a new Mercedes-Benz from our dealership. I had the privilege of earning their business and helping them with the planning of their European Delivery experience. The results are clearly shown in their letters to me or to our management.

  • Herbert, Your expertise provided us with a rich and rewarding European, MB delivery and touring experience. You have that rare combination of a very knowledgeable soft approach salesman, combined with a wealth of travel experience. Working with you was a real pleasure. I hope we can do it again and soon. Escondido Motors is fortunate to have you on their staff.

    Dennis & Diane D., San Diego
  • I want to say thank you so very much for playing such a big part in my birthday celebration! We had a great time! Thank you for taking the time and effort to make our Mercedes-Benz experience so unique and fabulous. You took care of every little detail (directions, hotel and restaurant recommendations, schedules, tips, and much more) leaving us with worry-free time to enjoy our trip. Out of everything you did, one thing I will never forget is when the Mercedes-Benz' lady (in Germany) said: "Mrs. Cruger we have something here for you". To my surprise, she handed me a card. When I opened it, I noticed that it was a very romantic card from my husband wishing me a happy birthday. I was happy, emotional, and very confused. I asked my husband how he did it and he told me... Herbert made it possible. He told me: "I emailed the card content to Herbert, he printed it and mailed it overnight (to Germany) to make sure it was there for you on time". Now that's beyond customer care. Herbert, I cannot thank you enough. Because of you, we would love to do it again four years from now.

  • Dear Herbert - Thank you so much for all you did to make our trip unforgettable. You handled everything with utmost professionalism - even picking my car! We really appreciate all the time you spent making sure every step of our itinerary was planned out to get the most out of our week in Germany - from picking the perfect hotels to highlighting our route on the map. I have to admit that by far the most impressive part of the trip was the Mercedes Factory Tour - I never expected that! The Mercedes museum was amazing - we went straight from the airport to the museum on no sleep -we could have spent days in there but had to rush through in 3 hours. We also went to Berlin and Munich, Castle Neuschwanstein and several smaller towns in between - we drove about 1000 miles - driving on the Autobahn was an experience we will never forget! Walking into the delivery area of the factory and seeing my new car was very emotional after seeing all the care and attention to detail that went into its production - We would highly recommend the Mercedes Benz European Delivery Program to anyone who is considering it!

    Sincerely,Tina and Matt R., Santa Rosa CA.
  • Dear Herbert, Amazing!!! That is all I can say...Amazing!!! What a vacation and what a car!!! Thank you, Herbert, for all you did for me when I purchased my new SLK 350. It is an amazing car, and you directed my correctly in all aspects of buying it. Thanks for your patience when I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted on it. You are so patient. And the trip to Germany to pick it up and drive it all over Europe for two weeks...Thanks again and again. It was the trip of a lifetime and absolutely wonderful. The accommodation you made for me were Mercedes-first-class all the way. Thank you again and again. Not only would I recommend that YOU plan this trip for anyone interested, I would like to buy another Mercedes in a few years just to have you plan another European delivery for me. Yes, it really was that good.Again, Herbert, thanks from the bottom of my heart. You are the greatest!!!

    Sincerely, Rebecca B.
  • It's very clear why we purchased our C63AMG from you. I was in another dealership the other day and spoke with the former manager for a Maybach dealership. She was most interested in why I went to Escondido Mercedes for the acquisition of our new car. We all know why the car is so incredibly good but why another dealership for the purchase. The first thing that came to mind was not the price, though it was quite acceptable, but the main reason was the overseas delivery specialist, Herbert Haemmer. Your superlative ability to accurately, promptly and efficiently effect the sale and delivery in Stuttgart, is unequivocably second to none. This ability came from your years of travel agency experience as well as your European heritage and your many successful MB deliveries which is well documented. Furthermore, once the vehicle arrived in California, you followed through with any of our small requests. All in all I would recommend you to any qualified, serious buyer of a new Mercedes Benz.

    Sincerely, L.W. Richards
  • Dear Mr. Haemmer, I just accepted delivery of my new Mercedes Benz E350 Bluetec that was purchased through Mercedes Benz of Escondido utilizing your European Delivery program. The concept of picking up a car in Europe and bringing it back to the USA was daunting. Your knowledge, experience and professionalism helped me decide that this was possible. But not only was it possible, my family had the experience of a lifetime. We drove from Germany to Belgium, crossed the English Channel and ended up in London. All the recommended hotels were amazing as was the complimentary breakfasts. I would highly recommend this program (adventure) to anyone interested in purchasing a Mercedes Benz. Of course there is only one person capable of delivering this amazing experience and that person is you! Thank you for spending so much time to ensure the success of our vacation.

    Sincerely, Dr. Ira & Andrea F., La Jolla, CA
    PS: We love our new car!
  • Herbert is not a car salesman, he is your friend in the car industry. Thinks of my needs first, professional, informative and patient. He is not pushy, simply there to assist you in making the right decision. Purchasing an $80k car is not something you just do, especially in this economy. I felt comfortable in my decision and investment, based on Herbert's patience and knowledge. I would not have bought this car from anyone else.

    Pat H., Oceanside, CA
  • Herbert, how can we thank you enough? Our trip was WONDERFUL! We so much enjoyed Austria and will be going back again sometime. Konstanz was a lot of fun, and good food and wine! Also, the tour and the Mercedes plant was very informative, even I was interested! And Mercedes really knows the significance of its customers, the accommodations (5-Star) were GREAT and the service #1 by far! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Rhonda & Cliff S., Oceanside, CA
  • Dear Herbert, I want to thank you for all of your help and assistance for my newest purchase at Mercedes-Benz of Escondido. I could never go anywhere else to buy a Mercedes-Benz. You are truly "The Best"! When I am ready for the "SL" or the new "E" I will get in touch with you. Thank you again for everything.

    Christine A., San Diego, CA
  • Gentlemen, A quick note to say what a pleasure it was to purchase our new E320 Sedan at Mercedes-Benz of Escondido. We were impressed by the professionalism of everyone we came in contact with throughout the process. And the European Delivery Program was unbelievable! We were especially impressed with Herbert Haemmer and the personalized service he provided with our trip to Europe and purchase of our vehicle. What a great surprise to find a customized 3-page itinerary he prepared for our trip! It really helped us enjoy our time in Europe, knowing that all of the details of our trip were at our fingertips. In today's assembly-line approach to business, it was a refreshing experience. Now we know what it means to own a Mercedes-Benz - a quality vehicle built, delivered and serviced by quality people.

    Charlie R., Fallbrook, CA
  • Hola, Sr. Haemmer! La verdad fue una aventura sin igual, de liga mayor, fenomenal, muy pero muy interesante. Espero verlo pronto y platicarle personalmente todo lo relativo al facinante viaje organizado por Usted, amigo Herbert Haemmer. Gracias por todo. Saludos de sus amigos Vicentes!

    Vicente V., Chula Vista, CA
  • Dear Mr. D., We have just recently purchased our fifth vehicle from your dealership, all of them handled perfectly by Herbert Haemmer. I wish to commend you on the fine job you have done in assembling a group of people that are the best I have dealt with in many years of car purchases. I also want to tell you what a wonderful time my wife and I had with the European Delivery of our S63. Herbert not only helped us prepare our plans for the trip, but personally contacted all of the hotels we stayed at, so we received special treatment at each hotel. I was really floored when we arrived at the Interalpen Hotel in Austria on the first night after taking delivery of our S63. I was greeted with a "Happy Birthday Mr. G." at check-in, our room was decorated with a welcoming bottle of champagne and a birthday cake from Herbert, and we had a special dinner table that evening. The entire trip was such a great experience, we will surely be doing it again. Congratulations for having achieved a thriving business with good people and a good reputation.

    Michael & Trudi G., Encinitas CA
  • We can't thank Herbert enough for such a great experience, when buying our new E350. Herbert has become more than just our favorite sales person or the person that helped us buy our new car and enjoy an unforgettable trip to Europe to pick it up - he has become our friend! We had Herbert on our side and no obstacles stopped him from delivering what is by far the best car buying experience and vacation we ever had. He took care of all the car ordering specifics, made sure the financing was taken care of, and to top it all off, Herbert became our personal travel planner and agent. We received top notch service everywhere we went. We told Herbert we wanted to make a 17 day road trip to Spain out of this. He sent us a package with maps and highlighted routes, options for stops and sightseeing, you name it. We had a detailed itinerary with more than enough information to make us feel well prepared for our adventure. We wanted to thank Herbert one more time for making our European Delivery an amazing and unforgettable one. We know our next Mercedes will again be on the EDP and have Herbert's name all over it. Before this, buying a car was all about the car, now and thanks to Herbert, it's all about superb personal service and the overall amazing experience. Thanks again!!!

    Anibal & Elizabeth G., Orlando FL
  • Never had a better buying experience than from Herbert. Everything was handled so professionally and with such great care. All of our arrangements to buy our car and take delivery at the factory were made while we were in Spain. I'm already looking forward to buying our next car from Herbert.

    Jack & Katie, Malaga, Spain
  • It was truly a pleasure working with you in the purchase of our fine E350! You are a delightful man who is very cordial and knowledgeable. You had many fine ideas that enhanced our vacation. Thank you! What a fine quality car, and we look forward to purchasing our next Mercedes-Benz from you. Thanks again for your professional service!

    Dick & Kitty, Escondido, CA
  • Dear Mr. Haemmer - "Thanks for all your hard work. It has been such a pleasure working with you, albeit hundreds of miles away. Your dedication, knowledge and professionalism have been superb! I have been trying for months to buy a Mercedes-Benz, as well as experience the adventure of the Black Forest Rally Package. It seemed no dealer in Detroit, Michigan was very knowledgable about the program. I even tried to walk one salesperson through some of the steps to get the process going with no results. However, when I contacted you, everything fell right in to place. Not only do I feel like I have known you forever. I feel as though I always have your undivided attention. No matter how minor or trivial my questions may seem, I feel very comfortable and confident that you are taking care of me. That is just to say, how well you have been through this process thus far. It is nice to be able to trust someone and know you are getting a bang for your buck! I know Tom and I are going to have a blast in October when we begin our adventure. We cannot wait!!!

    Rene B. & Tom S., Detroit, MI
  • Comments Loved the Owner Chief at the Golden Rose, Jager House at Lisl was neat, the Castles were incredible, the entire European delivery experience and the way Mercedes and most of all you Herbert have treated us has been fantastic...I have been telling everyone I know who mentions a car that they should see you and Escondido MB, for the best treatment and best car buying experience I have ever experienced!

    George & Robin C, San Diego, CA
  • The trip has been herrlich. MBZ pickup was outstanding. The S350 Is beautiful. We had a wonderful time in Stuttgart, also went to the Cann Statter festival. Interalpen was fantastic

    Dr. Karl, in Palm Desert, CA
  • I am writing once again to especially to thank you for your great service, reservations, and recommendations for our trip. The car is awesome and we are really enjoying it and the whole EDP experience. Again, I truly thank you for you professional, knowledgeable, and most of all personal friendly service and advice throughout the purchase of my new car and everything you have done for us on this trip!

  • Thanks so much for all of your help! The process went perfectly. Cathy didn't think she'd be interested in the factory tour and now she's already talking about doing it again. The car is great too. I felt like I was driving a computer! There's so much more to master these days. I remember when a clutch seemed complicated... We both really appreciate everything you did. The process would have been a lot more confusing, & probably frustrating, without your help and all the info. you gave us. We even commented to ourselves about how much your info. helped. I would highly recommend the process, especially with your help, to anyone. There's a good chance that we'll be contacting you again in the next couple of years for a GLK.

    Brian & Cathy M., Houston, TX
  • I highly recommend Herbert for your European Delivery experience. He gives you the total package of a great advisor for your car purchase combined with a great travel agent! From the beginning of my purchase experienced to guiding me through Europe while on my month long trip, Herbert was constantly in touch with me recommending hotels and activities up until my departure back to the USA. Do yourself a favor and work with Herbert for your European Delivery, his knowledge is invaluable and he's also a heck of a nice guy! I can't wait to pick up the next one!

    Chris P., WVa.
  • We've just returned from our summer vacation and we both want to thank you for the outstanding experience we've lived and for the excellent customer service you have provided to us. Taking delivery of the car was quite fascinating, as were the accommodations provided. Driving a CLS 550 4Matic on the autobahn is something to write home about. Everywhere we stopped, the car and mainly its color that you so well adviced me to choose, was admired and we got frequentlly congratulated for having it. Best regards to you and your wife and hope when you come back to Europe you'll have the time to come around to visit with us. Thank you very mu ch, again.

    Virgil A., Bucharest, Romania
  • Thanks so much for all of your help! The process went perfectly. Cathy didn't think she'd be interested in the factory tour and now she's already talking about doing it again. The car is great too. I felt like I was driving a computer! There's so much more to master these days. I remember when a clutch seemed complicated... We both really appreciate everything you did. The process would have been a lot more confusing, & probably frustrating, without your help and all the info. you gave us. We even commented to ourselves about how much your info. helped. I would highly recommend the process, especially with your help, to anyone. There's a good chance that we'll be contacting you again in the next couple of years for a GLK. Thanks Again!

    Brian & Cathy
  • Picked up the car today. What an awesome ride! Even better than I remember in Germany! Just beautiful. I can't say enough good things about our trip! We had an absolutely wonderful time and all accommodations were first rate. The car is awesome also! Thank you for all your help, the wonderful car and trip!

    Ray W., Athens, GA
  • Herbert, Sorry this has taken so long to send, but we did want to make sure we sent you a note to say thank you for taking such great care of us and managing the process of ordering our new Mercedes E350 European delivery experience! The entire process was easy, fun, and professionally managed. We appreciated you keeping us updated at each step of the process and for always making time for us if we wanted to stop by and ask questions. We also appreciate all the recommendations to make the most of our trip. It was a special trip for us, a celebration of our 10 year anniversary. The hotels we selected in the delivery package were all wonderful --- stunning locations and friendly personal service. The Interalpen was incredible and one of our favorite stops on the trip, we are glad you recommended staying extra nights! We put over 2,300 miles enjoying the Autobahn and tiny streets and lanes of Germany, Austria and France and loved every minute of it. Dankeschön! We will be back in a couple of years to do it again! Auf Weidersehen!

    Viktor & Rachel R., Chula Vista, CA
  • Thank you, Herbert, for all your help and excellent service during this exercise and it just goes to show that honesty and hard work beat out those who don't understand apathy and good service! It was a great experience working with you and I'm already thinking of the 2014 E250 BlueTEC 4MATIC (same good little high-torque engine) as the next excuse to visit Stuttgart again!! Best regards, John

    John L., Manchester, NH
  • Dear Herbert, We had a most wonderful trip. Perfect weather. Not one day of rain. All hotels were beautiful--especially the Interalpen Hotel in Tirol, Austria! Herrlich! Simovic says hello, KundenCenter girls say hello, and Christina from Interalpen sends her regards. A most wonderful experience for the entire family.

    Dr. Karl S., Palm Springs, CA
  • I really like Europe and Germany in particular, I'll explain some day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done for us. Roger is doing nicely. We leave for Stuttgart tomorrow morning to drop the car. I will ask if there is a way to track cars' location as it moves slowly to SD, via the Internet. Thanks again, today I will try to buy red socks, to go with my red car, at a department store. Can't buy red ones in the US. Thanks again.

    Bill L., San Diego, CA
  • Love it so much!!!! Having an incredible trip! Thank you again!!

  • We made it safely home. It was an incredible trip. What more can I say. Thank you! I told a friend of mine about the trip and he was amazed. We're ready to go back in a few years to get another one. There's so much more to see and do and we loved it all. Sincerely yours, Joe B.

    Joe B., Green Lane, PA
  • I just received your package. Great job on the itinerary! I am so happy that I found you on the Internet. I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone that asks me about the MB EDP. Thank you for all your help.

    Henry H., Charlottesville, WVa
  • Good Morning Herbert: Jane and I are really impressed with the quality of your travel package. I've been exposed to hundreds of travel presentations over the years and yours is the very best we have ever seen. We hope Mercedes knows of your professionalism and the detailed level of support you give to your customers. All the very best my friend.

    Jack and Jane Kelley
  • Just a short note to let you know we returned safe and sound. We had the time of our lives and really appreciated the opportunity to meet with you and Lilly along with all of the other good folks at the birthday party in the mountains. What a great time we all had. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the good times. I'll write more later and update the letter I want to forward to your Pals in management telling them of what a great job you do for your customers who then become your friends. All the best for now.

    Jack and Jane K., Phoenix, AZ
  • IT WAS GREAT ! We arrived home yesterday. The car pickup went without a hitch and was a very pleasant experience. The woman who helped us told us you had been there a couple days previous to our trip. I think we could have spent all day at the Mercedes dealer eating pretzels. The factory tour was interesting. The hotel in Stuttgart was an excellent location and the taxi service went without a hitch. We visited the Porsche and Mercedes museums. Munich on Sunday was a madhouse and your hotel recommendation was appreciated. One couldn't drive into downtown Munich on Sunday due to parades and the amount of foot traffic. We did come back to Munich during the week when things calmed down. Thank you for helping us plan the trip. We had a memorable experience and the kids had a wonderful time. Now, what type of car do we get next so we can go back? My daughter is telling all her friends at work and they are interested. I told her to send any business your way. Thanks again,

    Rod H., Vancouver, WA
  • We love our new car!!! Today we drive it into France. Thank you for the champagne and flowers. That was very thoughtful. The Graf Zeppelin was a great place to stay. Please take care...

    Lois and John
  • Thank you for helping to arrange a wonderful Black Forest Alps Rally. The hotels were all wonderful. You were right about the Interalpen Hotel. It is the finest place in which I have ever stayed. Two nights would have been even better as you suggested. I drop off my GLK tomorrow morning in Zurich. I hope it arrives safely in Richmond. I really enjoyed driving it and am glad it was built in Germany rather than in southern USA.

    Henry H., Charlottesville, VA
  • Herbert, I'm back home and finally have my head out of the clouds. I can't thank you enough for all of your assistance and I will go on to the Mercedes Forum and advise everyone that "You are THE Man"! Attached is a picture of my car in the snow in the Black Forrest. Don't see much of that in Florida!! Thank you for your guidance and again thanks for all of your help. You have been wonderful!!!

    Pam M., Tampa, FL
  • Indeed, I have enjoyed the exciting buying and driving experience of this awesome car! The delivery in Beaumont was outstanding. The feeling of driving this magnificent car in Houston streets can't be explained. The pleasure and satisfaction of the car luxury, comfort, sportiness, smartness is beyond any scale. So, in nutshell, I am extremely impressed! The other side of the experience is your outstanding customer service, Herbert. From the first day I contacted you requesting a quote till the USA delivery day, the process and experience is serious excellence! Throughout my experience buying luxury cars, I have not seen a level of service and buying program that matches yours, or even come close. I have been telling my friends and family about this program and your outstanding service in particular. In my schedule, and once the right time comes, I am planning to buy the next S class car, and my wife's S class through the same program. Boy, what a program! Thank you Herbert. Thank you for this outstanding service and program. Best regards,

    Abdulazim A., Houston, TX
  • Dear Herbert:

    Thank you once again for your professional competence and generous patience in guiding me through the purchase and European delivery of my beautiful new Mercedes-Benz. I admit I had some initial reservations about making the purchase "long idstance" rather than from a local dealer, but it didn't take too long for me to realize the value of your level of expertise in the process. Every question I asked local dealers about European delivery book took two or three people to address, but you had all the answers and handled every one of my issues with confidence. And best of all, the entire process -- from placing the initial order to picking up the car in Stuttgart to shipping it home -- played out exactly as you had described. There were no surprises or disappointments, and for that you have my heartfelt gratitude.

    It has been a genuine pleasure to deal with you, Herbert. If you ever have customers who would like to talk to one of your satisfied clients, you are welcome to send them my way. I will be happy to give you a sterling recommendation. Best wishes always!

    Bill Anderson
  • The Best or nothing..Dear Herbert - Thank you so much for helping my family and I having the experience of a lifetime..your knowledge of the European Delivery program and experience traveling in Europe made a huge difference in making our trip unforgettable. I really appreciate your help, patience and time helping customizing our vehicle and our particular schedule, from Hotel recommendations, restaurants, train connections, everything was great.

    We arrived the day before delivery and the experience was superb. The Mercedes Benz Museum is a must see for anyone visiting Germany, but the best part was the Factory Tour. It’s really fascinating the technology and engineering that goes into making the best Automobile in world.

    Driving the Autobahn was an experience in itself and there is a lot more than the fact about the no speed limit. We went to Neuschwanstein Castle and crossed the Swiss Alps during a winter storm. I felt really safe with all the safety features Mercedes put in their Vehicles today. We then arrived in Paris, and drove our new car trough the Champ Elysee's. I even had fun taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower. The return Center in Paris is conveniently located next to the airport, and transportation to the terminal was all arranged.

    If you are considering European Delivery..look no further and go with the best person in the world for this…Thank you Herbert and until next E.D.

    Mario A., Orlando, FL
  • Hi Herbert! A belated greetings to you from San Francisco! We got home from Europe on the 1st after a fantastic adventure!

    Everything was truly wonderful. The experience picking up the car was first rate, and the entire experience was very well organized and we were well taken care of. Thanks again for all of your efforts on our behalf! And of course... the car itself is a dream. Just perfect in every way. We LOVE it!

    After leaving Stuttgart, we drove to France, then on to Switzerland. Frrom there we visited Lyon, Barcelona, and then the village of Vence, just above Nice. We even went to Monaco for the day and it happened to be the same day of the Grand Prix! All in all a perfect trip!
    Thanks Herbert! Looking forward to meeting you in person.

    All the best,

    Carl & Roger
  • I was 100% satisfied with service of Herbert Haemmer of MB Escondido, CA, and the European Delivery program. Purchase price negotiations handled professionally and all travel and car paperwork and details went smoothly. Herbert also offered over the top service with itinerary, hotel, and restaurant recommendations that were spot on. Loved the plant tour and car pickup process. Driving in Germany was easy. We had a lovely and memorable experience. Thanks Herbert and MB!

    Martha B., Atlanta, GA
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