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The Savings


The savings on the car price will easily pay for your trip!!

First of all, you save the $995 U.S. Destination and Delivery charge. Secondly, your discount from the factory is seven (7%) percent on most new models (check with me for model eligibility!). That brings your total savings to about 9% off the MSRP. Another saving to you is the fact that you do not have to rent a car on your trip around Europe; that could amount to hundreds of dollars or even more. Other features and benefits: 15 days of road insurance are included, with no deductible. You'll receive a complimentary 65 Euro voucher for a sumptuous lunch at the restaurant in the Delivery Center. Last but not least, you get one night deluxe accommodations at one of two First-Class hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. Finally - return shipment of your car to the USA and final delivery to you at the dealership of your choice, depending on the city where you live.

Eligible Cars

Below is a list of all models eligible for European Delivery. Just click on the model number for a link to a description of the car on the MB USA website. Discounts for these models are as indicated below.

C-Class Coupe (2-Door) C-Class Cabriolet E-Class Sedan E-Class Wagon E-Class Coupe E-Class Cabriolet S-Class Sedan S-Class Coupe
S-Class Cabriolet
SL-Roadster SLC-Roadster CLA CLS Mercedes Maybach GLA SUV GLC SUV GLC Coupe GT Coupe GT Roadster GT 4-Door Coupe

For any model not listed above, a special dealer discount arrangement may apply.

Models with an asterisk (*) are offered with a five (5%) percent factory rebate.

Models with TWO asterisks (**) are offered without any factory rebate!

A “4” behind the model number indicates the model is a 4-Matic (all-wheel drive).

Contact me for details.